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“ I was skeptical but was tired of using dating apps and getting ghosted. I was able to message a bunch of girls I liked on this site and I actually started getting replies. Met up with one of the girls and had a great night, I would call her again except I got 3 other girls I'm going to see so I'm keeping my options open :) ”

Corey T. | Memphis, TN

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“ I recently got out of a long term relationship so I didn't want to get right back into another one. I gave this a chance and was surprised I actually went on a date after the first week of joining and it kept going from there. I ended up finding someone I really liked and been dating for 2 months now, wasn't expecting or even looking for that but I'm happy I found it. ”

Mark E. | Asheville, NC

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“ I dumped all the tinders and badoo and all of that cuz I wanted more than a hookup. I knew I could find someone to spend a hot night with but didn't know if I could find someone to spend real time with. I dated a few girls I didn't see a future with but then I met Sara and she made it all worth it. I've been seeing her almost every day now for the past month and a half and every day gets better. I'm glad I gave this a shot. ”

David Z. | Gainesville, FL

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“ My ex-boyfriend didn't turn out to be who I thought so after breaking up I gave every dating app and site a shot. Most just wanted, well you know, and I wasn't looking for just that. After leaving a lot of the apps I found and tried it out. I found that not all guys in my area wanted only that one thing and I met a real man. ”

Cristy M. | Atlanta, GA

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“ I didn't know what to expect when I first joined. I didn't think I would meet anyone worth while but figured I'd have some good conversations at least. But I actually met someone. We dated for a bit but it wasn't right but I was able to meet someone else on this site. It was great. ”

Chris A. | Seattle, WA

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“ Filled out a few questions and got sent to a bunch of people around me. I messaged everyone lol. But it worked, I got a bunch of replies and went out on a few super fun dates. Maybe next time I'll try to find someone for a long relationship. ”

Maggie S. | Houston, TX

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